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Montpelier, VT – August, 18, 2022:

ORCA Media is thrilled to announce the 23rd edition of the Green Mountain Film Festival (GMFF) will return to the Savoy Theater in Montpelier March 2024.

After three postponements, ORCA Media has inherited GMFF from Focus on Film. ORCA Media is the nonprofit community media center serving Montpelier and Central Vermont - promoting community participation in visual storytelling through local video production, media arts education, and distribution services. “We are thrilled to take over the Green Mountain Film Festival and grateful to be able to keep this community driven festival going after 23 years. We’ve put together a local advisory committee to reimagine the film fest and organize its return for March 2024” said Christopher Wiersema, Co-Director of ORCA Media.

GMFF’s advisory committee is composed of local Vermont filmmakers, festival programmers, and film enthusiasts. “There aren’t many independent cinemas in Vermont,” says committee member and local filmmaker, Sean Temple. “Meaning Vermonters miss the opportunity to see some of the best films of the year in a theater. We are excited to continue GMFF’s mission to bring diverse, international, and important films to audiences in Montpelier.” Sarah Wisner, committee member and local filmmaker, adds, “The Savoy Theatre is where I and many other Vermonters grew up and learned to love cinema. We are passionate about the theatrical exhibition of independent film and can’t wait to collaborate with the Savoy to bring GMFF back to life.”

Chad Ervin, Kristin Cantu, and Lukas Huffman, committee members and co-founders of Vermont Production Collective (VPC), are excited to see the GMFF amplify, promote, and support local filmmakers. “Vermont Production Collective is happy to partner with GMFF in its efforts to provide Vermont filmmakers with an opportunity to present their work. The GMFF’s timing and central geographic location will provide an ideal occasion for local filmmakers to gather together, network, and grow as we shake off winter’s deep freeze in anticipation of the new year’s verdant creative potential.” says Kristin Cantu.

Other committee members include Phayvanh Luekhamhan, Executive Director of the Center for Arts and Learning, and MC DeBelina, Executive Director of Vermont Dance Alliance.

For eager audiences, the advisory committee is planning individual screenings in 2023. “We’ve discussed collaborating with the Savoy Theatre to host pop-up film screenings throughout 2023 to generate excitement for the film festival's return and to lift up some of the amazing local filmmakers in Vermont '' says Christopher Wiersema. “Great cinema, whether it is new or old, is released throughout the year,” says Sean Temple. “Right now, 4K restorations of classic films like Krzysztof Kieślowski’s THREE COLORS Trilogy or Věra Chytilová's DAISES are screening in major cities around the country. Unfortunately, Vermonters are missing these special screenings. One of GMFF’s biggest goals is to be a year long curator of cinema and we are excited to broaden screening possibilities for the Montpelier film community.”

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