Donate to the Green Mountain Film Festival

Thank you so very much to the friends and neighbors who have contributed to the 2024 festival! We ❤️ you!

2024 Festival Supporters

Sarah Albert
Joan and Milton Beard
Patricia Carstensen
Amy Cunningham
Mike Donofrio and Kelly McCracken
Michael Dougherty
Patricia Fontaine
Shawn Garvey & Cindy Leung
Greg Gerdel
Kathryn Gorson
Joanne Greenberg
Robin and Mike Harris
Barbarina Heyerdahl
Coleen Kearon
Linda Lambert
Margaret Leon
Andrew London
Cassandra Major
Theresa Murray-Clasen
Michel Negroponte
Andrew Nuquist
Kathleen Olwell and Wolfgang Weise
Andrew Robinson and Jan Waterman
Jill Skillin
Edie Stetson-Yovu
Eric and Mariella Svensson
Dorothy Tod
Patricia Wiley

Patty showing the GMFF love with a classic logo designed cap: the Ed Koren moose!