GMFF Finale

GMFF Finale
Horror fans posing in front of the GMFF backdrop with homemade t-shirts for I SAW THE TV GLOW

Saturday's program fostered so much conversation that we hope will carry beyond the festival. From Vermont's Black farmers talking about the reparative act of land sharing to the Vermont Production Collective's discussion about whose stories get told, we are heartened to hear that what Vermonters really care about is each other.

Q&A with Sam Kann and director Jane Schoenbrun after screening I SAW THE TV GLOW

If you've got the festival bug and are not sure what to watch next, try something you might not normally choose. The screening committee has watched a lot of movies to bring you this program. If you've already enjoyed a movie during this festival, it's likely you may enjoy another.

Special thanks to our theaters

This festival relies on the partnership of our local theaters the Savoy and the Capitol. They bring movies large and small to Montpelier throughout the year and we encourage locals to support them and watch movies throughout the year.

Sunday March 17 Schedule

11:30 AM: Evil Does Not Exist | Savoy

11:30 AM: Confessions of a Good Samaritan | Capitol 2

12:30 PM: Against the Tide | Capitol 3

1 PM: Apolis - Attention as Participation | Crumb Factory (unticketed)

2 PM: Coconut Head Generation | Savoy

2 PM: Skin Deep | Capitol 2

2:30 PM: Borders, Absurdity, and Revolution | Capitol 3

4:30 PM: Last Summer | Savoy

4:30 PM: Union | Capitol 2

5 PM: Mountains | Capitol 3 Film Sponsor: Rootstock Publishing

7 PM: Apolis Music | Crumb Factory (unticketed)

7 PM: The Beast | Savoy

7 PM: Joonam | Capitol 2 Q&A w director Sierra Urich follows this screening

7:30: Arnold is a Model Student | Capitol 3

We suggest arriving 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to get settled and purchase concessions. Please have your tickets ready to scan. Unticketed events are not staffed by the festival, please be mindful of their policies.

See you at the movies! 💥