Guidebooks are out, and films about women's lives

Guidebooks are out, and films about women's lives
Badges for volunteers and guests. We have plenty of blanks, so feel free to come by for a souvenir.

Good morning! We have a soft-launch of our festival this afternoon with a Youth Film + Media Panel at the Montpelier High School at 1 PM. This event is primarily for the MHS students and their guests, but the public is welcome to attend, provided you RSVP first with this form. Please note there is no public parking on school grounds and we expect all festival-goers to adhere to school rules.

By partnering with the schools, the festival hopes to foster and early appreciation for media arts and nurture expression in this medium.

Program guides available at the Festival Hub

These free 28-page books contain movie descriptions, including the shorts programs, and the satellite program at the Crumb Factory. We've highlighted notable events and our showcase films. Our cast and crew are named in there as well--it took over 3 dozen people to pull this event off!

Sam Kann and Christopher Wiersema talk around the worktable at ORCA Media offices. Most of our work was done in teams, remotely.

In honor of National Women's Month, here are some films that feature women's lives across the globe, with notes from our selection committee:

Mambar Pierrette

"The performances are wonderful, the narrow scope allows you to understand the character and her world deeply. It manages to both paint a really difficult existence while showing the character's strength and agency. A powerful, light touch - very impressive."

Friday, March 15, 1:30 PM | Capitol 2

Film Sponsor for Mambar Pierrete: Central Vermont Economic Development Corp.

Apolonia, Apolonia

"This film captures Antonia’s intensity and commitment, devoid of artifice or pretense. Living in the squalid theatre amid hardship and tribulations doesn’t detract from her talent and perseverance. But it is the deeply personal human-ness that makes this film so worth watching. "

Saturday, March 16, 7:15 PM | Savoy


"WOW! This film took the wind out of me in the best possible way. A tender portrait of a woman struggling to connect with her Iranian heritage, it is at once extremely subtle, varied and engaging, and full of themes about aging, family, identity, and memory."

Sunday, March 17, 7 PM | Capitol 2 *Q&A with Sierra Ulrich follows this screening

Thank you to our director's circle sponsors

Communities that care about one another support each other at all stages of life, and we are blessed to have the support of organizations that see us through, no matter what. We are grateful for the support of Community National Bank, AARP Vermont and the Stetson Yovu Charitable Fund. If you appreciate being in community with them, please let them know you appreciate their support of the festival.

We also really couldn't do this work without the support of our ever-growing stable of individual donors.

See you at the movies! 💃🏽