Comedies, media coverage, guidebooks

Comedies, media coverage, guidebooks
The Capitol's marquee lit up at night. And that poster. too!

Word is getting out! The Barre-Montpelier Times Argus did a preview of the festival, and they also wrote about the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra's weekend performances, which kicks off as part of our Opening Night Party.

And Susan Apel's Artful newsletter included us in her latest round up. The Burlington Free Press published their preview today. We are talking to WCAX, VPR, and WDEV this week.

Festival Hub Updates

Theresa and crew have been assisting folks with their ticket purchases at the Festival Hub inside Rabble Rouser. Tomorrow, we will be there 10-12 and 2:30-4. Then from Thursday - Sunday, 9 AM - 6 PM. In addition to tickets, here's what you can find at the hub:

  • t-shirts and tote bags
  • stickers (while they last)
  • ... and... GUIDEBOOKS!
2024 GMFF program guides in transit. Find them at the Festival Hub.

Extra special thanks go to Bobby Hackney, Jr. for the stellar creative design across all our materials, Dana Dwinell-Yardley for the elegant schedule grid and Jeff Potter for getting us to finish with the book layout. Printing was done by Minuteman Press.

Thank you to our leadership sponsors

Every community is lucky if they have a local banker they can rely on, a print shop that can deftly deliver their message, and a realtor who understands their needs. Central Vermont is very lucky to be supported by NorthCountry Federal Credit Union, Minuteman Press and Coldwell Banker Classic Properties. If you do business with these folks (and you should), please let them know that you appreciate their support of the festival.

We take the festival seriously, and while we have some very heavy topics and emotionally taxing films, we have sprinkled in moments of levity as well. Here are some recommendations from our screening committee:

Arnold is a Model Student

"Visually, the film is striking, featuring sweeping wide shots as well as intimate close ups, contrasting the clean white expanse of the school with Arnold's lamp-lit bedroom. The film asks what a student's rights are, and, more broadly, what a citizen's rights are, exploring corruption and authority in a country where "success" looks like leaving."

Friday, March 15, 3:30 PM | Savoy

Sunday, March 15, 7:30 PM | Capitol 3

Mahjong (Restoration)

"Gorgeous and brutal - like Tarantino but for people who read books. It made me think about China's history of exploiting and being exploited. It's also just a fun movie!!"

Friday, March 15, 9 PM | Savoy

Mahjong movie still

Nowhere (Restoration)

"Dazed and Confused on acid with important things to say under the melodrama and slacker humor. A defining allegory for AIDs and a lost generation filled with amazing actors that went on to define the next decade."

Saturday, March 16, 9:35 PM | Savoy *Mature audiences only

See you at the movies! 🤣 🤣