GMFF expands to three screens 🚀🚀🚀

GMFF expands to three screens 🚀🚀🚀
GMFF has movies for everyone, families included. Selfies encouraged!

Some of the heartwarming experiences from today included watching 90+ fourth-graders walk from school over to the Savoy for the cinematic treat of Robot Dreams, listening to the stories of longtime festival goers as we assist them with their movie schedule, and the introductions we've been able to facilitate. Our hearts are very full. And these next two days are going to keep filling us up. 💕

Moviegoers at the Savoy

Thank you to our collaborators and partners

We have been able to provide the programs with the generous contributions of our collaborators and partners. These members of our community help us to foster a vibrant and active downtown. Orgs like the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra and the Vermont Production Collective helps us to provide programs to you. Rabble Rouser and Montpelier Alive facilitate our community building goals. And ORCA Media and the Center for Arts and Learning provide in-kind assistance so that we can operate independently and with nonprofit structured support.

Saturday, March 16 Schedule

For today and tomorrow, the third screen is at the Capitol, the large one straight ahead as you past concessions. The Capitol Theater screens today are sponsored by the stations of Great Eastern Radio: Frank, Froggy, and Penguin.

If you're buying tickets at the Festival Hub or at the door, we have found that cash is faster. Especially for waitlists, we recommend arriving with cash and being prepared to pay at the door. Our goal is to seat folks at the movies they want to see. Cash gets you in the movie faster, since internet connections vary by space.

Savoy Theater is ready for you! Marquee announces film festival.

10:15 AM: Sirocco and the Kingdom of the Winds | Capitol 2

12:30 PM: GMFF Film Slam + Youth Media Showcase | Capitol 3

12:30 PM: Close Your Eyes | Capitol 2

1 PM: Farming While Black | Savoy Panel follows screening (about 2:30 PM) Film sponsor: Vermont Releaf Collective, Zenbarn, All Brains Belong, Rural Vermont, Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

1 PM: Apolis--Attention as Participation | Crumb Factory

2 PM: Mothership Monthly Film Festival Selects | Capitol 3

2:30: Farming While Black: A Vermont Conversation | Savoy Livestream provided by ORCA Media, link here (unticketed)

3 PM: Filmmakers Roundtable Discussion | Rabble Rouser Presented by Vermont Production Collective

3:45 PM: Three Promises | Savoy

4:30 PM: Queendom | Capitol 2 Film Sponsor: Grass Queen

4:30 PM: Sky Hopinka Shorts | Capitol 3

5:15 PM: Vermont Shorts | Savoy

7 PM: I Saw the TV Glow | Capitol 2

7:15 PM: Apolonia, Apolonia | Savoy

7:45 PM: Portraits | Capitol 3

8 PM: Richard Kuan Artist Talk | Crumb Factory (unticketed)

9 PM: Apolis music program | Crumb Factory (unticketed)

9:34 PM: Nowhere | Savoy

We suggest arriving 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to get settled and purchase concessions. Please have your tickets ready to scan. Unticketed events are not staffed by the festival (except at the Savoy), please be mindful of their policies. If you missed Rick Winston's talk, it's viewable here.

See you at the movies! 🤘🏾