1 volunteer shift = 1 free ticket

1 volunteer shift = 1 free ticket
Festival Programmer Sam Kann stands next to the festival poster outside the Capitol Theater.

Happy Monday, Friends! πŸ‘‹πŸ½

We've sold out of another great event: Vermont Shorts, featuring new works set in our lovely state made by local filmmakers, all of whom will be in attendance for the Q&A. We have also sold out of the Film Slam & Youth Media Showcase. That said, there are still a number of great titles with tickets available.

If you've reached your festival budget but want to see more movies, volunteering is a good way to do so! Volunteer for one 90-120-minute shift in exchange for a free ticket, redeemable for any available ticket. This comprises mostly of either selling tickets or verifying tickets at the theater. Please email Phayvanh if you're interested in a shift: director@gmffestival.org. We'll get you trained up!

In-person ticketing at the Festival Hub starts this week

Theresa and other volunteers will be stationed at Rabble Rouser, our Festival Hub, tomorrow (Tuesday) from 12-2 PM and Wednesday 10-12 and again 2:30-4. There will be schedules, movie descriptions, and merchandise as well. You may pay for your tickets in cash or check here as well as leave donations for the festival.

Theresa is all set to help you with your movie selection!

While we are glad to help you in person, we do encourage you to purchase your tickets online, as shows are booking up.

Please note: There will be no ticketing at the Savoy Theater. Tickets will only be available at the Festival Hub, the Capitol Theater or online.

Since it's the beginning of the workweek, here are some recommendations from our screening committee for movies about work and how people make their living.

Against the Tide

Winner of the Sundance 2023 VΓ©ritΓ© Filmmaking Prize
"This is a story of two fishermen who were struggling to make profits in the fishing business. Both men had different views between traditional and modern fishing. "

Sunday, March 17, 12 PM | Capitol 3

Leila's Brothers

Winner of the Cannes 2022 FIPRESCI Prize
"You go through a whole journey with this family, moving between who you think is in the right and who isn't, and the perfectly satisfying yet devastating ending leaves you with at least a dozen questions about the power we put on family and tradition in the face of economic prosperity, and what are the human costs of those decisions. "

Thursday, March 14, 1:45 PM | Savoy


Winner of the Film Independent Spirit Awards 2024 Someone to Watch Award: Monica Sorelle (director)
"Xavier’s life is dictated by the expectations he put on himself after he decided to leave Haiti. By assuming that his role in a family is to provide, Xavier crunches overtime, sticks to his routine, and deals with casual and sometimes even blatant racism because he feels this is the price he has to pay to achieve a better life for him and his wife. " - Collider

Sunday, March 17, 5 PM | Capitol 3

Mountains movie still

Film Sponsor for Mountains: Rootstock Publishing

Thanks to our storytelling sponsors

Central Vermont is blessed with many avenues for encountering, learning, listening to, and telling our own stories. We'd like to thank the following storytelling sponsors for the ways in which they allow our voices – and our lives– to be part of the whole: Action Circles, The Alchemist Foundation, Whiskey Tit, All Brains Belong, Green Mountain Power, Vermont Releaf Collective, Rootstock Publishing, Clark Builders, and Central Vermont Economic Development Corp. If you do business with any of these orgs, please let them know you appreciate their support of the festival.

See you at the movies! πŸ‘€