Bridge article and other stories

Bridge article and other stories

We have been talking to the press about the festival's revival, which you will soon start hearing about. Phayvanh was walking from lunch today, and someone told her they heard about us on the radio!

We expect a few more stories about the festival this coming week, but the one thing is true: we have always been a supporter of independent filmmakers and the movie houses that support them.

Our home has always been at the Savoy and with Montpelier. As we stretch our wings and try to incorporate as much of our community into the festival, we will never forget our origins.

Read the article in the Montpelier Bridge

"These are films that are motivated by artistry," says our film programmer Sam Kann. She and Phayvanh were interviewed for the Montpelier Bridge by Jess Turner. The article just published today. If you want to hear more from the screening committee about their thoughts for each movie, you're in luck! Each movie will be introduced by a member of the screening committee, who will tell you about why they chose the film you're about to watch! As Sam indicated in the article, the program selection "prioritized queer, BIPOC and international voices." Many of these films are subtitled.

Thanks to our media sponsors

The Montpelier Bridge is a one of our media sponsors. These are outlets that help us to get the word out about the festival. We partner with them because we know you read and listen to these outlets to find out more about your community. If you read or listen to any of these outlets, please let them know that you appreciate their support of the Green Mountain Film Festival. In addition to the Bridge, we want to thank Central Vermont Community Radio (WGDR/WGDH), Great Eastern Radio (Frank, Froggy, Penguin), The Point, and VTDigger.

It's all about community

Putting together an event like this requires so much collaboration and partnership. The theme of community building comes up often in our conversations. We are proud to bring to you movies about how communities organize, transform, and persevere. Here are three notable ones to consider:


If you've been following the struggles of Amazon workers to gain fair and just working conditions, you've probably heard of Chris Smalls. This is about his team's effort to form the Amazon Labor Union at the JFK8 location on Staten Island. Showtime: Sunday, March 17, 2:30 PM | Capitol Theater #2

"Union", still courtesy of Kontent Films

Evil Does Not Exist

A rural way of life is threatened by a big development project that has set its sights on turning the tiny community into a tourist hot spot. The village is home to a group of resilient townspeople whose lives depend on the quiet nature they surround themselves with. Showtimes: Thursday, March 14, 8:15 PM, Sunday March 17, 11:30 AM | Savoy.

We Are Guardians

Lastly, another movie about corporate greed and environmental devastation is a true story of Indigenous forest guardians of the Amazon--the one that is rapidly diminishing due to heavy deforestation. Vermont's Chelsea Greene co-directs this documentary. Showtime: Thursday, March 14, 3:15 PM | Capitol Theater #3.

Film has a way of telling some very hard stories. It is also a medium that allows people to tell their own truths. We are are honored to bring these stories to you.

See you at the movies! 👋🏽