March 19-23

Coming of Age: An Exploration of Identity Formation in Film

The short course will screen five, feature-length films and host five accompanying short lectures that will elucidate how the theme is defined, created, and depicted within the selected films. 


The films will be a mix of 4 classic films and 1 newly-released film, and each one will be chosen to illuminate the selected theme in a unique way.  Local film historian and GMFF Founder, Rick Winston, will moderate the discussions, and act as a unifying scholar for the content of all the classes. Three other film scholars will explore both generally across all cinematic expressions specifically within the chosen film, which will be screened as an accompaniment to their lecture. 


The Short Course will run Monday-Friday March 19-23rd from 3:30-5:30PM each day.

March 17-25

Takin' It To the Streets: Films that Celebrate Resistance

THE DIVINE ORDER, directed by Petra Volpe, 97mins

THE FREEDOM TO MARRY, directed by Eddie Rosenstein, 86mins

LEFT ON PEARL, directed by Susie Rivo, 55mins

OFF THE STREET, directed by Jere Michael, 105mins

THE MARIBOR UPRISINGS, directed by Maple Razsa and Milton Guillén, 90mins

March 18-24

Cinematic/Culinary Events: Film to Table

Part of the Vermont brand is fresh local cuisine, served in an intimate setting with friends. This year the Green Mountain Film Festival is adapting the Farm to Table idea with a twist.  


You will choose from feature films whose filmmakers will be attending the festival.  These EXCLUSIVE FILM TO TABLE events will immediately follow the screening of the film and be limited to 8-20 guests.  See specific films below for size of dinner party.  


Each event is a small party with a GMFF host, the guest filmmaker, and the exclusive group of ticket holders.  A scrumptious menu is prepared by the chef to complement the film.


You and the filmmaker in attendance will enjoy the kind of deeper conversation that occurs over delicious food, expertly prepared in a relaxed setting, giving you and the other guests a chance to really get to know our visiting filmmakers.


Included in the FILM TO TABLE ticket price:

  • Ticket to the film 

  • Ticket to the PRIX-FIXE Menu (Special Culinary requirements or food allergy needs can be accommodated with advanced purchase and notification only)

  • Tickets can be purchased with either the house wine/beer $ up charge or the alcohol-not-included option.


Buy a ticket now. Buy a whole dinner party for you and your nine closest film friends!

March 17-18

Family Friendly Events

Join us to kick off the 21st Green Mountain Film Festival!

This year our rst screening will be a FREE family event on March 17th at the Savoy Theater starting at 9:30am.

We invite everyone of all ages to dress up as their best Charlie Chaplin. At 10am we will be screening Charlie Chaplin’s, A DOG’S LIFE. Families can get their Chaplin-family pictures taken together, with or without a dog that we will supply for the photo ops. There will be prizes for everyone who dresses up and participates.


Let’s get this party started right! Additional family-friendly films include:

LU OVER THE WALL, directed by Masaaki Yuasa, 107mins

WINDOW HORSES, directed by Ann Marie Fleming, 89,mins

THE SECRET OF KELLS, directed by Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey, 75mins

ZOO, directed by Colin McIvor, 97mins

Sponsored by the Quirky Pet! 

March 17-24

Hands-on Workshops

Workshop 1
WEBISODES – Straight from the Sundance Film Festival 2018 -- learn about storytelling from creator of Mortified Guide Dave Nadelberg, in this informative and unique story workshop. Storytelling isn’t just a tool for writers. It’s a powerful tool for anyone– marketers, lawyers, salespeople, podcasters, CEOs and yes, filmmakers and media makers of all types– can use the MORTIFIED approach to help transform their life and work. Find out why organizations from Eventbrite to Cartoon Network turn to Mortified for insight Dave, as he shares his insights from his success across 15 years of live stage shows, podcasts, TV Series and books. A book signing hosted by Bear Pond Books will follow the Mortified workshop.


Workshop 2
ANIMATION FOR FAMILIES BY FAMILIES -- Geared towards families with children of all ages, this hands-on workshop will explore clay and character animation, and each family will work together as a creative team to shoot their own animated short. Both adults and children will collaborate in the creation of stories that tell funny, personal and fantastic histories, using these unique. The family that clays together, stays together.


Workshop 3

Want to create a graphic novel, or hand-drawn animation, or pursue a career as a film storyboard artist? This workshop is for students interested in drawn animation, cartooning, and graphic novels and movie storyboards.  Students will develop ideas for their stories the first class, learn some key drawing techniques, then return the following weekend to refine their ideas.


Workshop 4
FILMMAKING FOR EVERYONE – Calling all aspiring filmmakers. This is your chance --to get all those your ideas roaming your head – out onto a screen. Filmmakers will work together to create a short narrative scene and learn some of the basics of film pre-production, and film production in the process.


Workshop 5
STORY TO SCRIPT -- Hollywood veteran screenwriter, William F. Phillips will present information on format, content, structure, characterization, dialogue and "500 ways to charm the studio reader". Then workshop participants will be encouraged to write their own scenes, either based on their own novels (published or not), magazine articles, short stories, poems or songs.


Workshop 6
THE EVOLUTION OF A FILM SCORE—Do you aspire for your music to swell beneath the movies?  This workshop gives a fascinating insight to how a film score is created.  Join master music editor and film composer, Roy Prendergast, who has hundreds of film titles to his credit, as he takes us through the fascinating multiple incarnations of the score of the award-winning film, TROY.  He’ll help us understand the tyranny of the temp score, and the ways that different composers can craft and create what we feel and think about what we see on screen.

March 17-25

Short Film Program

Carefully Curated Selections

  • Program 1-6 in this year’s festival program were selected by a dedicated group of students from the U32 High School and Montpelier High School. We hope you enjoy their thoughtful and careful selections. Some students from the Screening Committee will be in attendance after Programs 1-6 to answer questions about their choices and to discuss the lms.

  • Program 7 – Vermont Shorts, will be screened as part of the Vermont Filmmakers Summit

  • Program 11 – Women’s Shorts Selections, was programmed by Kristina Lear, who will introduce the program and lead a discussion afterwards.

  • Program 12 - Is an exciting double bill of a recovered lm shot in VT in 1968 and a lm shot last year at UVM. 


March 25

Vermont Filmmaker Summit

Vermont Filmmakers, friends and GMFF audience members are invited to this home-grown selection of great “Made-in-Vermont” and “Made-by-Vermonters” films.

  • Meet local filmmakers.

  • Network with Vermont’s burgeoning Filmmaking Community and Creative Economy.

  • The summit will include discussions on emerging Vermont film, strengthen the local film community, and provide audience feedback for participants on their projects.

  • All films will be screened upstairs at the Savoy Theater in Montpelier. The downstairs at the Savoy will be available for after-screening networking and to continue the creative and collaborative post-screening conversations.

  • Refreshments will be provided by GMFF, and additional concessions are available for purchase.

    GMFF is excited to create this event which showcases and celebrate the increase of lmmaking and media creation by Vermonters. Our goal is to encourage Vermont lmmakers in their lm process by showcasing their lm projects, and to provide the audiences of Central Vermont greater access to the works that are being generated locally. We hope to create a more cohesive network of community and collaboration, encouraging even more lm production across our state.


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