Meet #RamenFest Team Horseradish and Cigarettes

Students at the New England Culinary Institute their prep for the post-film ramen throw down in honor of RAMEN HEADS. I've spent yesterday and today learning all about the art and craft of making the perfect ramen. I can't wait to test them on Sunday!

Yesterday I caught up with one of the teams, Horseradish and Cigarettes, and here's what they had to say about their efforts - hint: their name has nothing to do with their flavor palette!

Horseradish and Cigarettes is one of 7 (seven!) student teams preparing specialty ramen that will be available for tasting during the ramen throw down that follows the GMFF screening of RAMEN HEADS. Part of this year's special "Film to Table" series, the event begins at 3:15PM Sunday, March 18.

Information and tickets here: