It Happened...

We just got out of "Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution," and let's just say I now want to go out and buy solar panels. It was an inspiring look into the workings of America's energy revolution, and how we're creating a more sustainable society through solar, water, and wind power. The film was high in educational value, and starred Robert Redford's son! Overall, it was an extremely interesting view into the world of renewable energy and how we're approaching becoming more sustainable as a nation.

Next is "Two Trains Runnin,'" a film about the search for two forgotten blues singers, which is set at the height of the civil rights movement in the deep south.

Later is "Summer of Walter Hacks," which is made by a Vermont filmmaker, and is followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker. I'm so looking forward to it.

I hope to see you there!


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We’re here at Essex Cinemas before the doors open, waiting for Happening: The Clean Energy Revolution. I’m very excited about it. Isaak and I just finished filming our intro, and the doors open in 15.