Gettin' Gear

Just stopped by our schools Audio-Visual lab today to borrow my gear for filming at the Essex Cinema festival on Sunday! I will be around taking B-roll and asking audience members what they thought of the films.

That day we will be seeing Dhaulagiri, Symphony of Hope, and Take Every Wave. All three are documentaries. I am stoked! I love documentary film making. You can get much more genuine and truthful experiences from the stories these movies tell. Paul Watson said that documentaries

"...record the world you live in, the changing world around you, including everything that's wonderful and terrible about it."

First we will travel to the top of the Himalayas, where the danger of frostbite and avalanches looms constantly. Then watch as big-time composers come together to raise money for earthquake-ravaged Haiti, all with the power of music.

The night will finish off with the story of Laird Hamilton, a reckless pioneer of the surfing world who tackles the biggest swells.

From the mountains to the oceans, this will be a great day at the Festival.

Come visit me and the rest of the Cinema crew on Sunday!