Dear GMFF community,


You will probably not be surprised to hear this, but the Focus on Film board met last night and decided we had no choice but to cancel this year’s Green Mountain Film Festival.  


Obviously, the health of the community has to come first, and canceling was the only ethical option. And yet, we are so sorry and we are miserably disappointed. 


In terms of the festival, the timing is terrible for us—with the start date just one week from today, we have entirely paid for all the films, the posters and print programs, and other pre-festival costs. The films are literally cued up to play at The Savoy. We will work with The Savoy over the next weeks to figure out how to best salvage the effort and the funds that we have invested. If you would like to make a donation to the GMFF now to help us compensate for no ticket sale revenue, we would very much appreciate it.




For ticket holders: James is currently working to determine the most efficient way to refund tickets. Credit card purchasers may simply receive a refund in the next few days, or there may be a process involved. For those who purchased tickets via cash or check at The Savoy, please contact The Savoy via email for refund. And please be a little patient as we figure this all out. We will do our absolute best to assist you promptly! Questions: email James at 


Wishing you health and safety,

Focus on Film Board